Curtain Wall

Energy conservation will be at the forefront of any specifier or designer’s brief. This is true for the Jack Aluminium Curtain Wall Suite which utilises a combination of aluminium and PVCu to return an excellent performance in all aspects of the building structure.

The Aluminium profile provides all the benefits of this popular building material.

  • The options for the final finish are endless. Colours and texture allow you to design in the mood and the feel of the building. The choice is yours.
  • Aluminium does not rust or warp. Eros has stood the ravages of time in Piccadilly Circus and the windows of the Oxford Bodleian Library are looking good after many decades. Testimony to the durability of this material.
  • By exploiting the profile’s properties with the appropriate fixing points the skillful designer will meet the structural demands of the facade.
  • The PVCu profile enhances the thermal performance of the unit by its very nature of being a poor transmitter of heat. It also makes the installation procedure simpler and therefore faster and easier, just ask the installer he will confirm this.
  • The system itself has been designed to take 32mm glazing. This permits the improvement needed in reducing noise pollution. The 32mm glazing option allows the use of 10mm acoustic glass with a sheet of 6mm glass whilst retaining a 16mm air gap. Noise pollution can now be reduced.
  • The Curtain Wall suite has been designed for low rise applications with a ‘clip in plate and ladder system’.
  • The principle benefit of this type of construction is that the product is largely manufactured in the factory, so the quality is under control. Once on site the system is rapidly assembled and installed.
  • The unit has undergone an extremely arduous testing process which sees wind pressures in excess of 150mph being applied. This is a well proven design configuration.